Seven Issues That Could Disqualify You From Going Skydiving

There are certain requirements that need to be met by those who plan to go skydiving. It's important to understand what issues could disqualify you from skydiving so that you know what to expect on the big day. 

The following are seven issues that could disqualify you from going skydiving

Having no photo ID available

One of the most important things you need to bring along when you go skydiving is your photo ID. If you cannot bring a driver's license, state-issued identification card, or passport, you most likely will not be able to go skydiving. 

Not being old enough to be considered a legal adult

Most skydiving centers have a minimum age requirement you need to meet to go skydiving. In general, you should expect to not be able to skydive if you are not legally an adult.

However, you might be able to skydive when you are still considered a minor if your parents are present and they sign a waiver giving their consent. 

Weighing more than the specified weight maximum for your gender

In addition to meeting age requirements, you may also need to meet certain weight requirements. Skydiving can be dangerous for those who are severely overweight.

The weight requirements you need to meet may be impacted by your height and age. You should ask about weight requirements when you are arranging a skydiving excursion if you are concerned that they might be an issue for someone in your party. 

Having drugs or alcohol in your system

It's important that you show up completely sober for your skydiving experience. If the staff at the skydiving center suspect that you are under the influence, you probably won't be allowed to jump. 

Not meeting dress code requirements when you show up

You will probably be provided with a jumpsuit to wear over your clothing while you jump. However, you will need to dress properly underneath your jumpsuit in comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement.

The most important dress code requirement you need to meet is the footwear requirement. You must wear sneakers or otherwise tight-fitting shoes that lace up. If you show up in sandals or flip-flops, you probably won't be permitted to skydive. 

Scheduling your skydiving trip for a day with inclement weather

One unavoidable issue that could come up to prevent you from skydiving on a particular day is weather issues. If it just so happens that the weather is poor on the day of your skydive, you're going to have to reschedule. 

Being unwilling to sign a release form

All skydiving centers require that those who participate sign a waiver that frees the center from liability in the event of an injury. You will probably not be permitted to jump if you do not sign a waiver.