Why You Should Keep Your Eyes Open On A Zip Line

When you step off an elevated platform to ride a zip line for the first time, you might have several spontaneous reactions. It's common to laugh or shout with excitement, and you may even find yourself closing your eyes. Doing so can be tempting if you're caught off guard at how quickly you're traveling, but it's important to keep your eyes open for as much of the ride as you're able. Here are some reasons that you should do your best to have your eyes open when you ride a zip line.

Watch For Instructions

Keeping your eyes open while you ride on a zip line will help you to be aware of any instructions that the zip line center's staff members are trying to convey to you. Staff members are on duty at each of the different platforms along the zip line, and communicate with riders through words and hand movements. If you have your eyes closed, you'll hear staff members' words but might not necessarily realize which instructions are directed at you. With your eyes open, you'll see helpful hand movements such as cues to begin braking as you approach the platform.

Enjoy The Scenery

You'll find zip line centers in several different areas, but a common theme at these facilities is that they offer impressive and unique scenery. For example, lots of zip line centers operate in forests. If you close your eyes while you ride, you'll be missing out on the scenery around you. There's a good chance that when you conclude your zip line experience, you'll feel regret about not keeping your eyes open to take in the sights. With your eyes open, you'll get to enjoy trees as you fly past them, as well as watch other zip line users when there are additional lines near the one you're riding.

Conquer Your Fears

Some people decide to ride zip lines to conquer their fear of heights. If you have this mindset, you should fight the urge to close your eyes. When you close your eyes, you're reacting in fear to the situation—which means that you aren't going to feel as though you've conquered your phobia by the end of the experience. Committing to riding the zip line with your eyes open will allow you to see how high you are off the ground and feel brave about this experience.

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